CommGap International Language Services


When you combine creative writing with translation, transcreation is born. Transcreation is a customized blend between translation and creative writing. CommGap’s transcreation team can take your message, your brand, your concept and create new copy in the target language. CommGap can work with your marketing and creative team to translate your content so it resonates with your global branding and marketing message. Some words or concepts don’t translate well into other languages. This is when our talented team goes to work to come up with a comparative word or phrase that perfectly speaks to the target audience or culture, while being truthful to the original intended meaning. The right or wrong message and translation can make or break your international marketing campaign. Because of this specialized process, English may be kept as part of the translation and branding. Graphics, images, colors are changed along with the content and vocabulary. CommGap works closely with our clients to achieve outstanding results.