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Transcreation Services – Digital Marketing Translations


CommGap knows that some concepts simply don’t translate well into other languages. A message that is well received in one language and culture might not be quite so well received in others, even if the message itself is translated correctly. This is when you need TRANSCREATION: A customized blend between translation and creative writing. When you combine creative writing with translation, TRANSCREATION is born.

CommGap’s TRANSCREATION team can take your message, your brand, or your concept and create new copy in the target language for the market you’re trying to reach. Our talented team will come up with a comparative phrase or concept that perfectly speaks to the target audience or culture, while being truthful to the original intended meaning. The right or wrong translated message can make or break your international marketing campaign. CommGap can work with your marketing and creative team to TRANSCREATE your content so it resonates with your global branding and marketing message. Never fear missing a beat because of accidental miscommunication with your audience.

This specialized transcreation service may mean English elements are kept as part of the translation and your branding.  Not only words, but also graphics, images, and colors play an important part in the message you send to people of other languages and cultures. These components might change as a result of TRANSCREATION to better appeal to your audience and their linguistic and cultural tendencies and tastes. CommGap works closely with our clients to achieve outstanding results in both traditional and digital marketing translations.

Prepare your product, service, or event for an international audience by combining TRANSCREATION with your marketing plan, audiovisual materials, and videos. CommGap’s studio and graphic design services are a perfect addition.

This is one of our specialties at CommGap. We take company slogans, product names, and advertising copy from several different companies and TRANSCREATE them into something the target market recognizes and understands.

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