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Top 10 Most Frequently Spoken Languages in the United States

February 27th, 2015

In a study completed in 2014 by Certified Languages International, they found the ten most frequently spoken non-English languages in the United States. As expected, Spanish continues to stand at the number one language spoken, aside from English, in the United States. While most would expect Spanish to be near the top of such a list, some of the other languages may come as a surprise to many individuals.

Language Ranking in United States

  1. Spanish
  2. Chinese Mandarin
  3. Arabic
  4. Vietnamese
  5. Chinese Cantonese
  6. Russian
  7. Korean
  8. Portuguese
  9. Somali
  10. French

According to Accredited Languages, there are upwards of 37 million Spanish speakers throughout the country, which puts the numbers at a nearly 210 percent increase since 2010. Studies have shown that even among non-Hispanics the increase of Spanish speakers continues to move upward.

For a visual map of spoken languages in the United States:


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