eLearning Localization with CommGap

As the world continues to globalize, both localization and eLearning are increasingly popular - and necessary. While the workforce continues its nearly exponential growth and diversification, communication, education, and cooperation become imperative to the success of any international venture; especially with regard to the training of human capital.

The most effective and convenient mode of employee onboarding in a global context comes in the form of a well-localized eLearning experience. Though you’re likely already familiar with the idea of localization, if you aren’t, we have an entire article dedicated to the subject. In essence, localization refers to the translation and cultural adaptation of a product (be it audio/video and text, or user interface and coding) from one locale to another. In any case, the question becomes why your eLearning courses should be localized. That’s what we’d like to cover in this post.

Increased Efficiency and Productivity

The extreme benefits of learning new information in your native language and culture are intuitively apparent, but also backed by a number of linguistic studies. The translation and localization of eLearning materials allows you to bring the diverse subtleties of various cultures in line with the vision of your company, and put each set of cultural norms to good use, increasing efficiency. Naturally, it also leads to lower onboarding times and higher retention rates for employees undergoing training.

Reduction of Risk

Studies claim that learning in a second language contributed to nearly a quarter of all on-the-job accidents in a given year. Avoidance of these issues can literally save your company millions of dollars.

High Quality Human Capital

Employees report that training in their native language and culture removes a high level of stress from their job experience; as a result, highly qualified individuals are more likely to accept positions which they would otherwise pass over due to language-related concerns. Investing up front in a well-localized experience for your employees will pay for itself in the form of highly qualified and productive employees who will be aware of and avoid unnecessary risks. 

Product localization drives revenue and helps your business meet its goals, and CommGap is here to help. For more information about how CommGap's localization services can help your business excel, visit our contact page to get in touch with one of our qualified representatives.