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The business card

July 5th, 2013


The business card. It is a small and seemingly insignificant piece of card stock. True, it does hold important information that, in certain situations, can be quite vital. But they’re easily lost, discarded or found crumpled and partially disintegrated in your pocket after a trip through the dry cleaners. But if you’re meeting with someone from South Korea, you may want to handle them with greater care.

In South Korea, they highly value their business cards and their treatment. How you treat their business card is symbolic of how you will treat them as individuals.

To keep you from unintentionally insulting someone or losing a critical business deal, here are some business card etiquette pointers:

  • Make sure your business card has your preferred spoken language on one side and Korean on the other.
  • When presenting your business card, use both hands to give it to the other person with the Korean-side facing up. Never give or receive anything using the left hand, as it shows disrespect.
  • Never place a stack of business cards on the table and offer for them to take one from the stack.
  • When receiving their business card, accept it with both hands and take time to study it carefully before putting the card into a card case or portfolio. Show that it’s important to you.
  • Never write comments, additional information or anything on another person’s Korean business card while in their presence.
  • Never put a business card directly in your pocket; that is considered disrespectful.

Who knew that such a small piece of paper could be so important? Hopefully this will save you from a potentially huge business faux pas. If so, you’re welcome.

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