CommGap International Language Services



March 21st, 2018

CommGap was recommended to me by a colleague at the Utah State Office of Education. In addition to being a state-approved vendor for translation services, CommGap has a stellar reputation for high quality and quick turn-around. This is all to say that going into my first project, my expectations were lofty, and yet CommGap exceeded them, and has continued to deliver on every project! Not only has CommGap provided Spanish translations of various student resources within the time-frames guaranteed, but they provided invaluable advice regarding best translation practices, and worked diligently to return the translations as part of the overall page design. Working under the constraints of an existing design can be challenging, but that’s not all! On the rare occasion that a bullet got lost or a line moved to another page, I received an immediate reply – not only to my email, but with the corrected, formatted copy.

The fact that all of this activity happens with almost no awareness on the part of customers, is a tribute to the capable management of people like Silvia Carvalho. Silvia has gone the extra mile – including making herself available to answer questions at all hours of the day and night and responding to my occasional panic-driven requests with calming reassurance.

In short, if you are in need of translation services, CommGap is the right choice!