CommGap International Language Services

Multimedia Translation


Translation and transcreation are the first steps in Multimedia Translation. Once the translation is done by our creative marketing translation team, CommGap will produce your materials in any layout you need. CommGap can do graphic design and publishing in foreign languages, including right to left languages. We take into account word expansion, and can fully localize content such as currency, dates, and times. 

Does your content include audio and video? CommGap’s expert Voice-over or Dubbing Services can handle that. 

Do you need Social Media Marketing Translation? CommGap can translate your social media content. We can also help you select appropriate images, colors, and designs. Let’s the expert linguists at CommGap assist you. Professional linguists that specialize in marketing can review your idea or content and provide feedback.

With Social Media, engagement in crucial to help you manage your brand. When targeting an international audience, you must make your brand accessible to them. And you must maintain consistency throughout your translations. CommGap’s TMS, Translation Management System, helps to create translation memories, or glossaries, which are specific to only your company. This allows for consistency throughout your marketing and multimedia messages. 

REST API Connectors, enable us to work most of the world's languages into various formats. We are also able to create custom integrations that will meet your specific multimedia translation needs. Let us convey your brand to the multilingual world.

Contact us for Multilingual Media Translation. The world is speaking … Do you understand?