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Fewer than 20% of the world’s population speaks English. Out of those speakers, only 5% are native. If you have a software product or website that you want to present to the world, localizing it is one of the critical steps you must take to ensure that its reception by the target audience is successful.

Adapting software or website content for use in other languages requires more than just translating words. Digital marketing translation involves ensuring that not only is terminology properly represented, but that the final product feels culturally appropriate as well. User interface, images, date formats, calendar systems, currency, and other culture-dependent elements such as connotations of color schemes, and even legal requirements need to be taken into consideration when localizing your product.

When dealing with software or websites, CommGap has the experience and technology to seamlessly deliver your content to your global audiences. Let CommGap provide digital marketing translation services and localize or adapt the content of your site, branding, or packaging to local, regional or international standards. From a Translation Management System that can securely connect to your CMS to provide faster, more accurate translations, to Desktop Publishing and voice-overs, we can manage the localization of your projects effectively into hundreds of languages. The connection between our state-of-the-art Online Translation System and your CMS will also make it easy to continue localizing frequent changes or updates to your software UI or website content, so you never have to worry about falling behind.

Our comprehensive software localization services also include Pseudo Localization to test localizability of your files, Translation, In-context reviews, and QA & Bug Reporting when needed.

Proper software localization services drive revenue. We are here to assist you with all of your digital marketing translations for your software or website in over 140 languages. We can help you reach your goal. Contact us for more information. Include format(s), language(s), and any other pertinent information.