CommGap International Language Services


CommGap On-site: With a strong emphasis on medical interpreting, CommGap Interpreting offers on-site interpretation services for doctors, hospitals, clinics, conferences, depositions, conventions, meetings, statements, calls, etc. Any language conversion can be provided by the professionals at CommGap. All interpreting work is confidential and done only by professional, trained interpreters.

CommGap OPI-Over the Phone: CommGap Interpreting offers over-the-telephone interpreters, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via a toll free system. We work with interpreters all over the United States, which allows us to provide over 140 languages on demand, within seconds.

CommGap VRI-Video Remote Interpreting: VRI is one of the fastest growing sectors of interpretation services because it combines the personal touch of having an on-site interpreter with the convenience and accessibility of Over the Phone interpreting. CommGap Interpreting offers this cutting edge service without the need to purchase any additional equipment.

And yes! We do offer CommGap Sign Language Interpreters. CommGap Sign Language Interpreters have an excellent reputation of quality and professionalism nationwide. CommGap’s interpreters are certified for all types of ASL interpreting including Medical, Legal, etc.

Special conference and meeting interpreting equipment available for rental. For more information, please contact us.