CommGap International Language Services

Audiovisual & Voice-Over Translation


CommGap understands the important role different multimedia forms play for you. You’ve worked hard to create beautiful, meaningful, video, audio, and other forms of interactive content. We want to help you give it a global reach. Our talent pool can handle walking and talking parts, acting, voice over, narration, and much more – anything that will bring your company into the multi-national market! All this can be done without the need to fear losing the quality and the sense of your original multimedia. 

CommGap is ready to handle a variety of projects requiring audiovisual and voice-over translation. Some examples include voice-over or dubbing for films and TV series, marketing videos and spots, e-Learning modules, video games, interactive voice response audio, user interface audio, and animations. We can also provide subtitling services for training and compliance videos, internal company communications, documentaries, informational animations, films and TV series, and online marketing materials. 

With REST API Connectors, we work multiple formats into most of the world’s languages. CommGap can also create custom integrations to match your specific needs.

If you have multimedia that needs subtitles or voice-over in any language, please contact us. We promise an easy and efficient process you can rely on that will deliver quality results. 

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