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Reasons Why You Need Professional Translation Services

December 7th, 2012

Increasing levels of globalization and the need to reach a variety of international markets means that most companies find a need to communicate directly to customers in their own language. This requires accurate, efficient, and quick translation of product data sheets, ad campaigns, marketing communication, and more. A professional translation service will be able to offer you many advantages over an independent contractor or in-house translator.

Cultural Nuances

In-house translators might not be familiar with the culture of the country where the translation will be used, leading to miscommunication.

Domain Expertise

Many independent translators do not have extensive expertise in all the domains. However, a professional translation service will be able to match your requirements with a translator to ensure a better quality of work.

Scaling Up

A professional translation service provides ease of scaling up. Whether the volume of text that needs to be translated increases or the number of languages it needs to be translated to increases, a professional translation service will be able to help you with the right professionals.

Work Flow

Professional translation services will help you set up work flow protocols and systems that ensure that the tone and style of the communication is maintained across languages and over time. The service will help you standardize on key terms to ensure that your customers are able to identify the product features more easily.

Back Up

Independent contractors can take a break or be unavailable when you need them. A professional service on the other hand will be able to assign the work to another translator who can use the established specifications to ensure that work proceeds seamlessly.

Save Time

A professional translation service will save management time, since you can focus on your core competencies and leave the translation of campaign material, user instructions, product specifications, and more to them. This approach will save the company the time required to locate and negotiate with multiple translators and follow up with them for the translated documents.

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