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International Translation Day Open House

September 29th, 2014

In celebration of International Translation Day, Global 1 Voice and CommGap will be hosting an open house on Tuesday, September 30th from 3-7 PM. We invite all current and prospective linguists, friends and clients to stop by the CommGap office (7069 S. Highland Drive, Ste 201, Salt Lake City) for refreshments and visiting.

International Translation Day is celebrated annually on September 30th, in honor of Saint Jerome, the Patron Saint of Translators. Jerome is the individual credited as the first translator of The Bible from Hebrew to Latin in the later part of the 4th century. His translation which is known by the title of the Vulgate, though imperfect, is considered a valuable and important work in the area of translation, not only in regards to religious texts, but the overall work of translation as well. Among his many accomplishments, Saint Jerome is often considered the “most learned of the Latin Fathers” (Encyclopedia Britannica), he served as the secretary to Pope Damascus, later he served as a priest, and was a great scholar of Latin literature. He was also known to be a historian, scholar, translator, theologian, grammarian, and rhetorician. The majority of Jerome’s life was focused on his spiritual growth and the study of literature and language. Saint Jerome’s extensive work throughout his ministry paved the way for modern linguists.

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