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How Video Remote Interpreting Can Save Lives Amidst COVID-19

March 20th, 2020

As the novel Coronavirus continues spreading rapidly around the world, the need for interpreters will continue to grow as well. Let’s talk about a few ways Video Remote Interpreting (VRI) can save lives at a time like this.

Promoting Social Distancing

Millions of people have been practicing social distancing in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19, and interpreters can do the same.

  • What is social distancing?

Social distancing simply means staying home as much as possible, away from friends and family you would normally see on a regular basis. Ideally, if enough people stay home, fewer at-risk individuals will contract the virus, keeping it at bay.

Some individuals have decided to self-quarantine, while others have been ordered to stay inside until numbers stabilize.

  • Why practice social distancing?

While this practice won’t eliminate COVID-19, it will help slow it down, and keep hospitals at a manageable capacity.

While many people can do their part and practice social distancing, millions of workers with essential jobs, such as those in the medical field, are not able to stay home.

In the past, interpreters would be included in this list of workers who don’t have the option to self-quarantine, but with modern technology like VRI and over-the-phone interpreting, they can now do their part to promote social distancing.

Working from Home

Along with social distancing, companies are urging employees to work from home when possible. For example, the Bay Area has given strict ‘shelter in place’ orders to seven counties, affecting millions of California residents.

VRI allows interpreters to work remotely, while still providing aid to patients in need.

Again, by staying home and providing this service remotely, interpreters can help slow the spread of disease and save lives in the process.

Fast Access in Emergencies

Another way that VRI can save lives is by providing access to an interpreter quickly in an emergency.

VRI cuts out interpreter travel time, which can make the difference between life and death in an emergency—including life-threatening cases of COVID-19.

Commgap is proud to provide VRI services with exceptional quality and response time, especially during this pandemic.

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