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How to Devise a Killer International Marketing Strategy for Your Company

febrero 21st, 2018

The world is becoming globalized: markets are connecting across the globe as fast as the speed of the internet these days. U.S. companies are depending more and more on offshore sales; however, for companies that are unaccustomed to working with foreign markets, it can sound somewhat daunting to start expanding their business to other countries.

I recently attended the Utah World Trade Center’s International Marketing Seminar that presented a panel of 4 professionals who each have a hand in bridging the gap between international markets. Two Utah business owners shared their success stories and two translation company owners, including CommGap president Lelani Craig, shared how translation services help businesses to reach their marketing audiences. Three points stuck out to me during the seminar about how companies can create successful international marketing strategies.

  1. Focus on how you’re different.

What can you offer that is different from your competitors? Dan Benshoff, owner of DPS Skis mentioned that he was a little wary about selling his skis outside of the U.S., given that there were so many European competitors that also sold skis. However, once he got into the market, he found that the fact that his skis were made in America didn’t hurt his sales; in fact, it may have been one of the differing factors that made the company unique. Finding a way to stand out is vital to pull in potential customers and clients.

  1. Find the fishes.

If you’re going to be good at fishing, you’ve got to know where the fish are going to be swimming. Know how to connect with your potential customers. Research what social media outlets they use. For example, as Lelani Craig mentioned, Facebook and Twitter are big platforms in the States, but in Japan they use Mixi and in Russia they use VKontakte. CommGap knows international social media marketing.

  1. Take advantage of good helps!

Work with a translation company that focuses on localization and transcreation. The language and culture barriers between business provider and potential clients can be daunting hurdles. Lelani Craig, president of CommGap, shared how her company’s niche includes helping companies to not only translate their marketing content into a different language, but modify it to attract their new market audience. Maybe you have a commercial that makes a reference to American football and you want to send that to South America, where American football is virtually non-existent. Change the reference to soccer or “fútbol” and they’ll connect with the message. These kinds of changes will bring you more business. Success is out there!


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